This page is solely devoted to the book 'Collecting Old Writing Equipment -with it's charity status and broad range -all the proceeds are donated given to Cumbrian Cerebral palsy- There are only 300 copies and each copy is numbered and signed by the author
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Boris in Bronze -inkwells 126
Quality from Thornhill desk items 128
A Joseph Rodger's Masterpiece quill cutting 130
An Irish Rastrum dip pen 132
Somerville's Sample Case steel nibs 134
Work,The Innovation Unit and Cracked Ice, fountain pens 136
An Old Cylinder Seal seal 138
Katrina's Scribe inkwells 140
Typically American and different dip pens 142
Sentimental purchases penner 144
French Innovation quill cutting 146
My Father's Golden Web fountain pens 148
Trays, Rests, Racks and Wipes desk items 150
The Case of an English Penner penner 152
Three pieces of Pewter inkwells 154
American Innovation dip pens 156
Semiramis fountain pens 158
Simplicity with a Surprise pencils 160
Wafers, Wafer seals and Chisels desk item s 162
Exhibition Steel Nibs steel nibs 164
John Wilkes, 57 Cornhill quill cutting 166
Wedgwood's Manifold Writer desk items 168
The story of a pig and a Monkey quill cutting 170
Documents from the past Books/Documents 172
Spikes, dividers and runners desk items 174
The French Monster inkwells 176
Early Porte Crayons and Black Gold pencils 178
Thomas Lund, 57 Cornhill quill cutting 180
Brass Qalamdans and Reed Pens inkwells 182
Two 18th Century Wax Jacks desk items 184
Bion and Early reservoir pens fountain pens 186
Glass Pens dip pens 188
A Book about quill knives quill cutting 190
Pounce pots and Pseudonyms desk items 192
For my Darling Bee dip pens 194
The Universal Penman and Writing Masters Books/Documents 196
The Perpetual Calendar miscellaneous 198
A Pen like my Sisters fountain pens 200
Prize Pens dip pens 202

C edars, Cases, Carpenters and Accessories pencils 204
The Alphabet miscellaneous 206
A Vertical Quill cutter from Italy quill cutting 208
Security and The Check Protector fountain pens 210
Bramah and Mordan Pens pencils 212
Impressive inkwells for Decoration inkwells 214
Consumables and attractive packaging miscellaneous 216
Old Books, Odd Books and Ephemera Books/Documents 218
There are other Makers Pens Pencils 220
The Quill dip pens 222 Palitos, Pencils,Personal Grooming and Pistols pencils 224
Dr Alvin Yapalater's knife Roll fountain pens 226
Aernout Block 1675 quill cutting 228
The Penographic patronised by The King fountain pens 230
Merchandising and Displays miscellaneous 232
A most unusual Modern Centrepiece desk items 234
Pumps, Postal Scales, Patents and Publishing desk items 236
Elegant and practical dip pens dip pens 238
The Best of Collecting by Bill Bishop fountain pens 240
Light Lighters and Heat desk items 242
The civil war surgeons scalpel quill cutting 244
Brazil, Columbus, Buenos Aires and California fountain pens 246
Yatates, Art and Writing inkwells 248
Different Dip Pens dip pens 250
Writing Masters and Ambrose Heal people 252
Writing boxes - Oak and Originality desk items 254
The Important James P Maginnis people 256
Norman Rockwell - A limited edition fountain pens 258
The 19th Century Reminder miscellaneous 260
200 years of Quill Cutter design quill cutting 262
A Parker with Sheaffer Flavour fountain pens 264
Dabbling with engraved Seals desk items 266
My favourite colour Blue? Pens pencils 268
Horn Books and Books about horn books miscellaneous 270
Onoto, red, silver and Charity fountain pens 272
Wood and writing equipment desk items 274
The impact of 'Inlay' Pens pencils 276
My Reference Books Books/Documents 278

WEB NOTES supplied on request

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51 G Kovalenkos summary of references on reservoir pens
57 Catalogue of Robt Curzon exhibition
61 PDF of contents of Charles Thomas collection (Birmingham)
64 Examples of Bonhams non Fountain pen items

How to access JSTOR

91 List of possible Societies worth considering joining.
99 References to cleaning and presenting

Other examples of Cube wells (Pewter Society)

156 PDF of the Saturday Magazine re wafers
198 References to calendars
202 Extra images of prize pens
219 Summary and images of key ephemera
220 Mechanic's magazine diagrams of J Longmore patent
222 Extra images from H Hill brochure
250 Illustration of French double ended porte crayon/pen
256 Some extracts and references to J Maginnis Cantor Lectures
Extracts of third party notes on request


Susan Wirth summary of collecting in USA
  Letitia Jacopini -Collecting in Italy
  Jean Buchser - Collecting in France

Masa Sunami - Collecting in Japan

  Julia Gusano - Collecting in Spain
  Peter Ford - Collecting in Australia

Osman Sumer - Collecting in Germany

  Notes from discussion with Stephen Mandell (in preparation)

Michael Wood's notes on Education